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Our Media Services


... grab attention

We help your brand grab attention among our targeted audience seen through on high traffic web pages. Advertising a product or service through visuals on Facebook page & website in the format of text, image and artworks through sticky banners.

Content Marketing

... delivering message

We develop quality innovative content for share, trend and evergreen articles which help more targeted brand message sharing, community voice, recommendation, PR, etc. Delivering a message, a product or service through articles / post on Facebook page & website in the format of text, image and artworks.

Community Contests

... lead generation

We develop targeting communities with exclusive campaigns for direct marketing channels to drive more leads, more sales. Social Media Community Contests on targeted audiences engage your brand with exclusive touch points. Our popular seasonal exclusive contests, mother journey Chabot community and Dr.K question and answers program brought the brand to our audiences.

Video Content Sponsorship

... persuasive impact

We help you develop quality creative video content for more brand engagement. Our own creative programs help your brand awareness on social media trending waves. Advertising or delivering a message about a product or service through our videos content on Facebook page & website.

Digital Marketing

... big impact

We help to develop more website traffic, more leads generation, more social followers, higher engagement rates, more reach, whatever your needs – we get it done with KPI. Get professional services from experts who understand the audiences to reach out the products or services through digital channels.

PR and Talent Management

... increase brand's credibility

We offer one stop value added PR and talent management services for our clients with public media events to press release development and distribution, media invitation, communications consulting, talent sourcing, and so on. We help you connect and communicate with your diverse group of stakeholders.

Other Media Coverage Services

... client exclusive content

We offer additional one stop media coverage services such as Client Exclusive Video Production, Commercial Video Production, Product Review Video, Event Cover Video, Event Review New Article, Product News Article on our media channels. Reaching out the product or service message through these on targeted audiences social media pages and 360 media coverage.

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Why Our Partners ... choose us

We are well suited to help all sizes of clients with customized digital marketing and media services one stop solution.

Targeted Community

We have strong women, mom, family targeted communities growing over 2 Million People and over 60K subscribers by building one on one relationship.

Young Talented Team

We have the young generation of people consists of Chief Editors, Content Writers, Digital Marketing Specialists, Community Experts, Video Producers, In House Production Experts with innovative content ideas.

Content Trend Leader

We have become a content leader when it comes to supplying women and parenting health, information, news and entertainment.

Results-Driven / Goal-Oriented

We tend to work best with companies who are result-driven and are interested in setting real goals and meeting KPI.

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